Established in 2011, and growing stronger as each year passes! More and more competitors vie for the elusive Caderman trophy every year. Only a select few have what it takes to truly be a Caderman.

Previously held by invitation only, the 2017 Caderman Tri was opened to all.  Book yourself an entry slot right now via the Bloodwise entry page


The very first Caderman, and with wintery weather in June, it set the tone for every Caderman since. The first person to hold the Caderman title was the Chief Organiser – Geraint Rowlands. The course was completed at a very leisurely 4 hours plus, but since there was only one competitor, the title was won by default.

The first truly competitive Caderman. With a full field of competitors, the winner was Dan Rushton who completed the course in what was at the time a Caderman record of 02:21:35. Bearing in mind that Dan chatted with organisers on the hike up to the summit and managed to find the time to  write in the mud, it was a great effort.

We nearly lost one of the volunteers on the hike up Cader Idris section as the fog descended low and the volunteer (who shall remain nameless) thought that the summit lay downhill.

With the number of competitors increasing, 2013 proved to be a great year for Caderman. Again, mother nature wasn’t kind as the waves were crashing on the shore in Tywyn, but it did create a great tailwind for the Tal-y-llyn climb. The title was won by Andy Mitchell, who stormed home in 2:14:38 (a Caderman record at the time).

1Andy Mitchell2:14:38 (Previous CMR)
2=Gareth King2:40:35
2=Owen Peek2:40:35
4Geraint Rowlands2:53:50
5=Gavin Ebery3:00:44
5=Richard Jones3:00:44
7Robert Jones3:16:52
8Camilla Edlin3:21:40
9Gareth Cadwaladr3:21:45


1Dan Rushton2:04:38 (CMR)
2Leif Geoghan2:27:04
3Gareth King2:29:08
4Andy Mitchell2:31:08
5Gavin Perkins2:34:23
6Alwyn Humphries2:54:46
7Kevin Williams2:56:57
8Camilla Edlin3:09:44
9Geraint Rowlands3:13:18
10Gareth Cadwaladr3:17:20
11Tim Harrison3:25:24
The Caderman record was broken for the third year running as Dan Rushton reclaimed the Caderman title he lost to Andy Mitchell in 2013. The number of entries rose to 11 as some new faces joined the fun!